Why we've set up HasleWorks

HasleWorks is co-working space for the town and the people of Haslemere and the surrounding areas.

Over the last year many of us have discovered that we are able to work without commuting to the office every day. Working from home, however, does not suit all of us all of the time so we have created a place to work near home in the heart of Haslemere.

We provide professional working space with the comfort you would expect and the fast Wi-Fi you need. We have zones for head-down working as well as spaces for collaboration and conversation. There’s a soundproof booth for private calls and a meeting room that seats eight comfortably.

You can use HasleWorks every day, regularly or occasionally; we have flexible packages to accommodate the way you want to work. You’ll find us just off the high street at 2-4 Petworth Road; handy for all the local shops, cafes and pubs.

We hope that HasleWorks will be a place where working people can get to know one another and perhaps begin to help one another either formally or informally.

We are aiming to open in summer 2021 (depending on lockdown relaxation) but we don’t have a firm opening date yet. In the meantime you can get your name on our waiting list without obligation.

Contact us at info@hasleworks.co.uk with any questions or ideas.